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med 24

A different kind of private healthcare service

A unique membership that can provide all your everyday, primary care needs, and so much more

med 24

A private, 24 hour, easy access clinic to see a doctor day or night

And convenient online consultations to speak with medical experts without delay

med 24

Your first port of call when you feel unwell

No more worrying about who to contact or where to go

med 24

Healthcare services built around you & your needs

Personalised plans that put you in control

Welcome to (med)24 - Now Open

24 hour access to expert medical care and rapid response COVID-19 testing

(med)24 provides effortless and immediate access to our world class GPs, in person at our state-of-the-art clinic in Paddington, West London, online, or via our visiting services. 

Our innovative Membership Healthcare Plans offer a wide range of services from urgent access to GPs for non-life-threatening minor illnesses and injuries, and GP specialist-interest led assessments and treatments, to planned, ongoing care; and from preventative medicine to personalised wellbeing programmes.

We also offer a wide range of Pay As You Go services including specialist interest GP consultations, physiotherapy, mindfulness, nutrition, sports injury and medical aesthetics, as well as same visit blood and urine analysis and health assessments.


(med)24 offers a full range of COVID-19 services including PCR and antibody testing.

Fit To Fly
Day 2 | Day 8
Test To Release
Day 2 | 5 | 8 Package

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med 24

Membership Plans

A range of annual healthcare packages built around your every day needs.

Individual membership
Couples membership
Household membership
Corporate membership

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med 24

Pay As You Go

Offering a wide range of medical services with no commitment.

GP Consultations
Medical Assessments
Vaccinations & Immunisations
Nutrition & Sports Medicine

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COVID-19 services

(med)24 has partnered with Circular 1 Health to offer a full range of COVID-19 services, including rapid PCR testing, Fit to Fly certificates, Test to Release, Day 2 and Day 8 and all legally required testing.

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med 24

What makes (med)24 revolutionary

We don’t just do things differently, we do them better. Effortless convenience, impeccable service quality, the best technology and a calm environment all add up to the very best care.

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med 24

Managing your healthcare for you

We take a holistic and flexible approach to your ongoing healthcare needs, proactively taking the lead to help ensure you are well, and stay well.

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