Our Guide To Point-Of-Care Testing (POCT)

Our Guide To Point-Of-Care Testing (POCT)

How our leading facilities can transform your medical care


What is POCT?

POCT stands for Point-of-Care Testing. In short, this means that thanks to the facilities we provide, through a simple and painless finger prick, we can offer an extensive range of testing and diagnosis on-site rather than your samples being sent to a third-party laboratory.


How quickly can test results be returned?

As little as 15 minutes is all we need, meaning that your treatment plan can be tackled immediately.


What kind of tests can be carried out as part of POCT?

Our team can undergo a full blood count, urine analysis, glucose, cholesterol, lipids CRP (C-reactive protein) & ACR (urine albumin to creatine ratio) tests. These can be used for measuring everything from kidney function, salt levels and electrolytes to cholesterol, anaemia, lipids and pregnancy-related issues, including checking for a range of viral and bacterial infections, monitoring hydration levels and investigating urological infections.


Other than speed of diagnosis, what’s the main advantage of POCT?

By moving faster than most primary care providers, carrying out your assessment using our POCT facilities means we'll have as much knowledge as possible about your health. This end-to-end process allows our clinicians to look at your needs more holistically and assess how best to plan and treat your individual needs. It also give us a greater chance of identifying specific health issues and jointly agreeing a targeted pathway. 


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