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What ailments do you treat?

We treat every kind of non-life-threatening ailment, just as your regular GP would, as well as providing care for on-going health concerns. We complement our responsive care with regular health screening to proactively identify and manage any ailments before they may present.

Can I book travel vaccinations at (med)24?

Yes, (med)24 provides travel vaccinations for global destinations and can provide you with any health-related advice you need for travelling overseas.

Do I need to bring anything with me to an appointment?

In the case of registered Members not usually no. However those registering with us for the first time need to bring an accredited form of identification, and a birth certificate for any child you wish to register. A Nanny that brings in a child would need a proxy letter from a parent, and if you are not a UK national you will need to bring your passport. When seeing one of our doctors for the first time it’s helpful if you bring the correct details of any medications you may be taking.

Does (med)24 have Specialist Practitioners or just GPs?

We have GPs on staff with a wide range of registered specialisms, from paediatrics & women’s health, nutritional medicine and musculoskeletal conditions to lifestyle & aviation medicine , preventative care and sports medicine. We also work with external health professionals to offer services in other specific disciplines too.

How can I book an appointment?

You can visit our Services page to book both either an in-clinic or online appointment whenever is most convenient for you.

Do you track my children’s inoculation schedules?

Yes, if you join as a Member, we will monitor your child’s inoculation requirements, and email you to remind you when it’s time to make an appointment.

What services do you offer beyond medical appointments?

We can look after the management of all aspects of your health. From seamlessly arranging consultations and follow ups, and documenting all your treatments and medications, to Annual Medical Assessments, sequenced ongoing care, vaccination reminders and preventative wellbeing services, we proactively take the lead to help ensure you are well, and stay well.

How do I access the services?

In the most convenient way for you. You can visit our Services page to book an appointment, log online to speak to a doctor remotely, or arrange to visit the clinic during our opening hours.

What are your opening hours?

(med)24 was set up to be open 24 hours a day for in-clinic and online services. Temporarily, given the restrictions and limitations imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, our opening hours have been amended to 7am to 11:30pm, but you will have access to an overnight bookings service able to arrange online appointments with our GPs between the hours of 11:30pm and 7am. If you require a face to face appointment, in person GP consultations and treatments can be arranged for the following day.

What facilities do you have in the clinic?

Alongside our doctors consulting rooms, treatment rooms, point of care testing room (where we offer a selection of in house diagnostic testing), therapies room, quiet room and reception area, you will find a children’s play area, toilets, a tea and coffee bar (where you can also get healthy snacks), and space to leave pushchairs. Secure guest wi-fi is available too.

How long are GP appointments?

All our GP appointments are 30 minutes, allowing our doctors to address the reason for your visit,  but also assess your general health. We also include a generous 15 minute follow up appointment  which is free.

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