24 Hour Medical Centre

24 Hour Doctor and 24 Hour Medical Centre

(med)24 operates a 24 hour, staffed medical clinic in the heart of London, providing specialist primary care around the clock. Having 24 hour doctors on call means we can see patients that require consultations, examinations, assessments and tests whether it’s day or night, providing a great deal of comfort to our members. Those that sign up for our Membership Health Plans can rest assured that whenever they need access to a 24 hour medical centre that (med)24 is there for them, and at their service.

With so few 24 hour doctors available, even in a large metropolis like London, it was important to us that we were able to offer professional care, on a 24 hour basis for our patients. Health concerns, and illnesses can occur at any time, and certainly aren’t bound by traditional working hours. Also, many private doctors offer only a limited out of hours service, if they offer one at all. We’ve all had reason at some point in our lives to attend A&E late at night, and had to contend with long waiting times, a dispiriting environment, and often lengthy queues. Our 24 hour clinic provides a warm welcome, state of the art, beautifully designed interiors, and a consultation with one of our 24 hour doctors without delay. Having that sort of access to 24 hour medical care is especially valuable to families with young children.

Whether you are a member, or pay as you go customer, booking an appointment couldn’t be simpler. Walk-ins are welcome, or alternatively you can call or contact us via the (med)24 app or website. We’ll be able to provide you with information on the current availability of doctors in the next 24 hours, both male and female, so you can make an informed choice about who you see

In an era, and a location where life is stressful and fast paced, no one wants to worry about their health in the middle of the night. Get access to 24 hour doctors and a 24 hour clinic by joining (med)24 today.