About Us

Welcome to (med)24

 (med)24 is a London-based, private membership health service that offers a more flexible, holistic approach to your day to day healthcare and well-being needs.

We’re setting out to revolutionise the healthcare experience by building more personal relationships with our members. That means better understanding their circumstances, guaranteeing seamless end to end experiences, offering greater individualised treatment choices and always communicating with empathy.

We take pride in doing things differently:

A one stop shop facility.

We’re able to conveniently carry out multiple consultations, tests, diagnostics and treatments in a single visit.

Patient-led. Always.

By informing and empowering our patients at every stage of their care, they understand the choices they are making, and feel valued, as they have a voice and are listened to.

Customer service that’s second to none.

The medical industry isn’t well known for excellence in customer experience. For us it isn’t just the medical expertise that matters, but having a friendly face that's always on hand to provide comfort and reassurance. 

A whole lot less stress.

We’ll take responsibility for your consultation and treatment pathways, handling tests, appointments, treatment bookings, logistics and referrals with no hassle whatsoever.

The latest technology.

Our state of the art testing and diagnostic equipment, online virtual consultation platform, and 100% secure patient record keeping system provides integrated, ongoing connectivity. No need to provide your details 100 times.

Environments to put you at ease

As well as having the very highest medical design accreditations, our clinics are more inspired by the interiors of a health spa or five-star hotel, than a laboratory. Our members will benefit from having calm, spacious clinics where they feel comfortable and can relax.

We’re committed to putting our members at the heart of everything we do…and we look forward to taking care of you and your family.

To learn more about how to become a member please visit our membership page


(med)24 Paddington flagship clinic 


(med)24 Paddington flagship clinic 

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