We show kindness to both our colleagues and patients, and approach every aspect of our daily work with empathy and understanding.


Making people feel better is what we do best, but we also understand that sometimes what patients need most is to be listened to.


We are progressive in our attitude to the healthcare world, always aspiring to innovate and evolve, not just exist in the status quo.

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Our Vision

We’re striving to recreate the healthcare experience from the ground up, by combining online and in clinic consultations and services, and exceeding the expectations of our members and patients by providing them with world class healthcare, underpinned by the best people, the latest technology and real world innovation in practice.

Changing consumer expectations are driving an evolution in the UK healthcare market, prompting a move from mostly curative interventions to more holistic, ongoing approaches to preventative care. Whilst other providers have tended to focus on developing more tailored and/or digital-only offerings, (med)24 will usher in a whole new way of interacting with customers, building personal, more familial relationships with our patients through in-depth understanding of their circumstances, seamless end to end experiences, individualised treatment choices and empathy-driven interactions.

(med)24 provides immediate access to urgent GP specialist-led care, as well as planned, ongoing care, to our patients and members, all underpinned with a level of customer service excellence that’s not found elsewhere in our industry. Our 24/7 clinic, which features the very latest point of care testing & diagnostics, as well as a complementary online platform, means our GP consultations can be accessed from anywhere in the world, and our members feel assured that impeccably delivered, outstanding medical care is just a call or click away.

Our mission is to reinvent the way people experience healthcare by informing and empowering our patients and members at every stage of their care, and the end result is a genuinely transformative relationship with their health. We’ve also thoughtfully designed our clinic and services to not only  offer our patients and members exceptional medical services, but to also provide our staff with a wonderful environment in which to work.

We are constantly exploring new ways of working and are looking out for new technologies that can streamline our services, in order to improve the quality of care our patients and members receive. From the initial greeting to day to day ailments, and urgent health concerns to sustained long term care, we are continually focussing on how we can do things better.

If our vision and values have inspired you, perhaps a post at (med)24 is your next calling? We are always looking for the best talent to join us, and can offer:

  • an opportunity to work in a state of the art, modern Central London clinic
  • access to training with the latest high-tech medical equipment
  • an ongoing programme of training to develop your career and interests
  • a welcoming reception with administrative and secretarial support
  • a collegiate, supportive and efficient working environment 
  • flexible working patterns
  • the chance to be part of this new healthcare company when we open our doors 

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We are now recruiting for roles in our virtual services team and at our flagship clinic, (Paddington)24.

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