Complaints, Suggestions and Compliments Policy and Procedure

This Complaints, Suggestions and Compliments policy was last updated 06 August 2020 (Issue: v1.0).

In relation to complaints received, med24 will demonstrate that the team:

Compliments, Suggestions and Feedback

med24 will ensure that services delivered are effective and responsive to the needs of patients, carers and other users by encouraging and being welcome to feedback from patients about the service and their experiences.

med24 will make reasonable efforts to:

med24 will reflect on compliments, suggestions and other feedback received formally and informally depending on the content. A record of all compliments, suggestions and other feedback will be maintained on our Risk Management system, together with the register of complaints at med24 and will be reviewed on a regular basis at team meetings in addition to regular and annual complaints reviews.

Compliments, suggestions and feedback received will be explored by the team at med24 and a response provided to the individual as well as to the wider patient and stakeholder population (via the usual communication methods and channels at med24), in particular when changes have been made or developments are planned in response.