med24 COVID-19 care

COVID-19 pandemic opening hours:

(med)24 is committed to offering in-clinic and online primary care services 24 hours a day. For the time being however, for reasons related to the Covid-19 pandemic (and the need to safely screen and assess all patients accordingly), we are only operating our clinic between the hours of 7:00am and 11:00pm. We hope to be operating our full 24 hour service as soon as possible, and will be keeping our members and patients informed on any developments.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues we’ll be following all current Government & Public Health England best practice guidance to keep our members and patients safe, as well as providing all the professional medical services at our disposal to treat any symptoms you have that are caused by the virus.

Our approach consists of:

Offering day to day consultations and updates.

Maintaining the highest standards of safety in our clinic.

Providing a extensive set of services to treat ongoing COVID-19 symptoms.

We are well aware that the ongoing challenges are affecting people in many ways beyond COVID-19 itself and you may have a wide range of health and wellbeing concerns as a result of the current circumstances. We can help.