What facilites do you have in the clinic?

Can I upgrade to another package?

What other benefits are there to being a (med)24 member?

General Information

What ailments do you treat?

How do I access the services?

What services do you offer beyond medical appointments?

Does (med)24 have Specialist Practitioners or just GPs?

How can I book an appointment?

Do I need to bring anything with me to an appointment?

What if I am late for an appointment?

How do I cancel an appointment?

If I cancel my appointment are there any charges?

Can I request a specific doctor?

Can I choose a male or female doctor?

Can (med)24 GPs provide referrals?

Does (med)24 work with my private health insurer to ensure the treatments and medications I am covered for are paid for as part of my policy?

Do you have an app?

Are you part of the NHS?

Can I use (med)24 from abroad?

Do your GPs speak any other languages?

What happens if you can’t treat my condition?

Can (med)24 organise transport to and from the clinic?

Can (med)24 provide all the services that my Private Doctor provides?

If I have a health insurance policy what benefits are there to joining (med)24? Aren’t they the same thing?


What are your opening hours?

What facilities do you have in the clinic?

How long are GP appointments?

How is the clinic handling on-site appointments with regard to COVID-19?

What services and support does the clinic provide for those suffering from the after effects of COVID-19?

If I walk in, can I use the clinic without being a Member?

Is (med)24 a replacement for my existing private or NHS GP?

How are medical notes kept up to date between (med)24 and my regular GP?

Who needs to attend my child’s appointment?


How do online GP consultations work?

What happens if the doctor needs to take my temperature, for example?

Data & Security

How do you verify my identity online or in-clinic?

Do I need proof of identity for my child?

How can I update my contact or payment details?

How do I access the data you hold on me?

How do you keep my data safe?