Immediate Health

24 Hours Urgent Doctor and Care Clinic Near Me

(med)24 operates the only 24 hour, urgent, primary care, state of the art central London clinic, easily reachable by car or public transport from all parts of the city.


It’s no secret that having access to your own private GP can provide you with appointment with far less waiting time, and that can make a big difference to anyone who needs one urgently (either in pain, experiencing discomfort or with a major health concern). When visiting A&E especially, it can sometimes feel like you are there for very long time, often for as much as 5 hours or more – exhausting, especially at night, and even more so if it’s a precautionary visit or turns out to be a minor issue. The truth is Accident and Emergency units have hundreds of thousands of visits a year and are often overcrowded, and at night what other options are there if you fall ill? For the more vulnerable patients who are members of your family, especially children and the elderly, the experience can be even more stressful.

When you need an urgent doctor that’s available 24 hours a day, (med)24 can help. We understand that ill health can be alarming and you may not understand whether your symptoms, or those of a loved one are a minor passing condition or the early stages of something more serious. Having an urgent care clinic near you that’s open around the clock means you can seek expert medical assistance and the patient (whether you or someone else) can be assessed without delay. Your consultation might be one of the benefits of your Membership health Plan, or organised on a pay as you go basis. Whatever your circumstances you are welcome any time.

When you visit (med)24 are require urgent attention, you can rest assured that in addition to providing immediate primary care, through treatments and diagnostic testing, our doctors are able to make a rapid initial assessment of whether you may have any more serious health conditions that might require hospitalisation or major off-site testing, and begin organising the appropriate referral, transfer or appointment bookings.

For urgent primary care, 24 hours a day, (med)24 has a clinic that can help.