Male Female Full Body MOT

Full Body Male and Female Health MOT

Regular medical check-ups, on the advice of doctors, are becoming more and more common as people keep a much closer track on their health. In fact, regular health check-ups, or ‘full body MOTs’ are now viewed as almost part of one’s fitness routine, and for some, as important as exercising regularly or eating a balanced diet. As counter-intuitive as it may seem, anyone, however healthy they might be, can benefit enormously from regular health check-ups.

At (med)24 we have a comprehensive menu of both female health MOTs and male health MOTs, that can be adapted not just by gender but age, genetic/hereditary risk profile, level of fitness and pre-existing conditions, though even something as simple as visiting the doctor for a ‘basic MOT’ check-up, perhaps quarterly, twice a year or even annually can ensure that you are getting screened for diseases, evaluate your state of well-being and help diagnose any potential problems. These check-ups could be quarterly, twice a year or yearly.

For those wanting greater peace of mind, and a more thorough assessment, female health and male health MOTs form part of some our Membership Health Plans, and are known as Medical Assessments. These annual or bi-annual health evaluations are an important part of our ongoing approach to offering full body, integrated care, and in addition to physical check-ups, also include tests, scans and extensive blood profiling and analysis (to assess risks presented by cholesterol, diabetes, cancer, anaemia, HIV/AIDS and coronary artery diseases, as well as evaluate the functioning of various body organs like liver, kidneys, heart and thyroid). These MOTs often pick up physical and psychological conditions caused by stress too.

Our full body male and female health MOTs ultimately help our doctors identify any ailments or issues in their nascent stages, making treatment far easier, and in the process, lowering your healthcare costs. Regular testing becomes even more important if you have a lifestyle which makes you prone to health risks. Our doctors often advise patients on how they can work towards avoiding any impending problems through simple lifestyle changes as opposed to invasive treatments.

If you or one of your family are interested in a full body health MOT contact us at (med)24. We’ll have a package of tests and assessments to suit you.