Managing Your Health

Managing Your health with med24

Whether you’re connecting with (med)24 remotely or visiting the clinic in person, our philosophy is the same:

Everything about your health should be delivered as quickly, simply and transparently as possible.

That means we deal with all the admin around your healthcare, planning scheduled care ahead of time, and making sure we’re standing by and ready when you’re due a regular service, or need us at short notice. The vast majority of our services – from therapies to medicine dispensing – can be dealt with on site, and we can help streamline interactions with external medical specialists, pharmacies and health insurers, handling seamless referrals, swiftly delivering free e-prescriptions and supporting clinical paperwork, while you focus on your treatment and recovery.

All memberships include access to the (med)24 app, a simple, secure hub for managing your care with us. Your (med)24 medical history will be easily accessible, clearly itemised, and protected by the highest levels of data security.

Put simply, we look after the management of your health. From seamlessly arranging consultations and follow ups, and documenting all your treatments and medications, to sequenced ongoing care, vaccination reminders and preventative wellbeing services, we proactively take the lead to help ensure you are well, and stay well.