Medical Assessments

Our Medical Assessments are designed to identify, manage and improve health issues.

Depending on the level of detail you want, we offer three types of assessments. Starting from our Essential package and increasing to Comprehensive and Total Care, you can take control of what health checks suit your lifestyle, goals and health concerns best.

Our service extends to Teen (+13) Assessments which focuses on a young adults’ wellbeing, posture and gate analysis through our specialist clinicians and Mindfulness doctor. A critical time in a young adult’s life, we explore potential health risks and work together to prevent issues occurring in adulthood.

Each Medical Assessment includes in-clinic testing with our specialists, who analyse results to gain a greater understanding of your health and make recommendations for lifestyle benefits based on your consultation and assessment outcome.

During your assessment, you will have immediate access to further diagnostic tests and treatments if required. This will be followed by a detailed report of your results.

We pride ourselves on providing ongoing care and advice to help maintain and improve your overall wellbeing, both now and in the future.


Our assessments start from: £375


Adult Assessments include: 

Full blood count

Thyroid test

Vitamin D status

Renal function


Iron levels

Liver function



Calcium function

ECG and vital signs

Respiratory assessment


Teen Assessments include:

GP Consultation

Posture and Gate Analysis

Mindfulness session focusing on:

Handling emotions, Diet & lifestyle, Caring for your body, Social & friendships


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