Our Membership Healthcare Plans are designed to cater for all your primary medical care needs, offering a seamless and convenient way of accessing a wide range of Private GP and doctor services, treatments and diagnostics whenever you need them.

With plans specially adapted for the needs of individuals, couples and whole households, as well as company employees, our tailored packages include online and in-clinic consultations without the waiting, comprehensive on-site testing, and state of the art diagnostics for immediate results. Our health professionals can handle both urgent and non urgent conditions around the clock, and members have access to our state-of-the-art clinic either online or via our dedicated app or phone-line whenever you feel unwell.

In addition to providing urgent access to our services when our members are ill, we work seamlessly with pharmacies and private health insurers to coordinate care, and can manage their inoculations, jabs and vaccinations for them too. Our more comprehensive packages also offer preventative health assessments and proactive guidance designed to improve our members’ health and wellbeing.

(med)24 memberships offer a health care solution that’s on hand to help day or night, whatever the symptoms. A patient-first clinic available with a call or click, with all the doctors, tests, and assessments you need to provide you with the right care.

What type of Membership Healthcare Plan are you interested in?

Each of our membership types have a range of different tiers of care to suit your needs.