Men's Healthcare

Men’s Full Health Check

The (med)24 men's full health check is comprehensive, in depth and can be tailored to your specific requirements.  We understand that everyone is different, be it age, background or previous medical history.  This is why we offer the full suite of diagnostic and monitoring services as part of our Men’s Full Health Check, but we also ensure that our approach is flexible enough to adapt to a specific person’s requirements.  We also offer maximum flexibility in terms of the provision of our services.  We understand that our members are as busy as we are.  Be it work, family or travel commitments they may need to see us out of hours or want aspects of their Men’s Full Health Check such as the feedback consultation to be conducted remotely.  Where that is possible or practicable, we will do everything we can to make it happen. 


As you would expect with a world-class medical service such as (med)24 our Men’s Full Health Check offers the full suite of tests, bloods, swabs and vital signs. We check the functioning of all the main organs as well as checking for all common ailments such as diabetes, cholesterol and cancers.  Catching any conditions early is a key aim of the Men’s Full Health Check. We want to know not just what conditions our members may be suffering from but also what conditions they may be susceptible to.  By offering tailored advice on lifestyle, we can avoid many conditions that may otherwise turn out to be serious, even life threatening.  As part of this approach our clinicians take a holistic approach to the Men’s Full Health Check. The consultation period, both pre- and post-tests is comprehensive and designed around your needs.  We understand that people have different needs and approach their health in different ways.  This is why we are flexible and adaptable to your requirements.  Our 24-hour service allows us to offer a much wider range of consultation options for the Men’s Full Health Check.  We want to fit our service around your requirements rather than asking our members to adapt to our needs.  The Men’s Full Health Check offers the very best in medicine backed up by the highest level of service.