No Appointment Required

Appointment and Same Day Doctor in London

We understand that getting medical help, be it diagnosis, treatment or simply reassurance can be of overwhelming importance to our members at any time of day or night.  This is why our service is underpinned by the undertaking that we provide a same day doctor service at our London base or via the telephone or internet.  No appointment is necessary.  Patients can walk in off the street, seeing someone out of hours, 24-hours a day. 


Our booking service is state-of-the-art.  We believe it can save our members time as well as streamlining their experience.  Our undertaking is that whether our members and patients prefer to use the booking service or appear in person at the London clinic we offer a no appointment doctor service.  We want people to be able to see a doctor, out of hours, at any time at day or night, whenever they want to.


The (med)24 service is not just same-day and offered with no appointment, it is also designed to be a more complete consultation.  We ensure that our doctors and clinicians are given as much time as they require with their patients, so they can take a wider view, not just of the complaint but also the cause of the complaint, whether the appointment is in normal working day or out of hours.  Giving our clinicians the time to really explore what is going in the lives, as well as the bodies, of our members is crucial to achieving a better medical outcome.  Our aim is to get to know our members as people, as well as patients.


Seeing people on the same day as and when conditions arise is also key to dealing more effectively with medical issues.  Allowing conditions to go unchecked is the single most aggravating factor in the majority of medical issues today.  Seeing people in good time, with an appointment or with no appointment, rather than when suits the clinic is the best way to ensure the swiftest possible return to good health.  We also offer the full range of different types of consultation, via the telephone, over the internet or face to face.  We will help guide you on the best type of consultation for you, be it out of hours, with or without an appointment, but always seeing someone on the same day.