(med)24’s nutritional services are overseen by Dr. Rizwan Khan and rooted in the ‘Six Pillars of Health.’ By addressing all of these interconnected issues, we are able to assess a patient holistically, rather than just looking at one isolated problem or condition.

Each full assessment will cover the following:

Conducting a detailed study of all these aspects of a member’s life will give us a full overview of how their nutrition and lifestyle is shaping their fitness, and give us the necessary knowledge to optimise their health, and prevent chronic diseases that may develop later on as a result of ongoing lifestyle habits and pressures.

All GP-related assessments, treatments and investigations are carried out at our central London clinic, with ongoing support also available there as needed. Where blood tests are required, lab work and analysis is also carried out quickly and on-site.

Dr Khan has a wealth of experience treating conditions which may commonly develop as a result of lifestyle and nutritional issues: irritable bowel syndrome; nutritional deficiencies; allergies; anxiety and depression; inflammatory arthritis etc. Working with the latest technology and most up-to-date research information, (med)24 can focus on treating patients holistically and with the highest standard of care, with a focus on non drug-related approaches. We know that patients have to be treated as individuals and that this starts with looking at them as complete people rather than just a list of symptoms and conditions. (med)24’s model allows us the time and resources to fully engage with every one of our members, examine their entire lifestyle and create an ongoing programme of healthcare which works to ensure optimum health now and pre-emptively tackle any future conditions.