Nutrition | Sports Performance Assessments

Nutritional Assessment

Our nutritional and lifestyle assessment addresses inter-connected issues. Looking into key factors that play a part in your daily lifestyle, we work with you to prevent and support any issues. Every patient receives a detailed account of their assessment with follow-up appointments to get the best for your health.


What does our assessment look at?

Food Nutrition
Social Factors
Alcohol & Tobacco
Stress Indicators
Vitamin Profile
 Sleep Analysis 


The report includes recommendations for an ongoing programme of care and support on managing future conditions.

With the latest technological advancements on-site, our blood tests can also detect issues such as irritable bowel syndrome, nutritional deficiencies, allergies, inflammatory arthritis and more. 

Our specialists analyse your full lifestyle from sleep, mind, exercise, and awareness of toxic substances from alcohol and smoking alongside nutritional details, to formulate conclusive next steps for lifestyle improvements and if appropriate, further recommended testing.


Sports & Performance Assessment


Our dedicated Sports & Performance Assessment assesses everything you need for an active lifestyle and looks at key indicators to benchmark your current health and fitness.


Working closely with our multi-disciplinary team, we undergo a comprehensive assessment to provide you with an in-depth look at your overall health and the impact it is having on your performance.


A two-part review with our sports medicine specialist and physiotherapist, our assessment is based on pre-participation activity and is goal orientated. We make bespoke recommendations to get the best from your body by assessing the following:


  • Screen for early recognition of risk associated with disease
  • Ensure optimal medical management of chronic diseases
  • Optimise performance through nutrition, psychology and biomechanics
  • Advice on optimal musculoskeletal health
  • Evaluate blood tests and tailor treatment plan around results


What does our assessment include?

Height and weight assessment
Body Mass Index (BMI)
Mobility & flexibility review
Blood pressure test    
Haemoglobin test (for anaemia)
Diabetes (non-fasting sugar test)
Comprehensive cholesterol profile
Resting heart rate (ECG)


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