Pay As You Go

If an ongoing med24 membership isn’t right for your needs, or you require an extra service from time to time as a one-off, we offer a wide range of tests, treatments and procedures on a Pay As You Go basis.

med24 Pay as You Go


Our expert team are available to consult on any and all physio concerns, with follow-up sessions and a full courses of treatment also available if required.

  • A Physiotherapy consultation costs 
    • 60 minute assessment £110.00  
    • 30 minute follow up £75.00
      • 6 session Physiotherapy courses start at £405.00
      • 12 session Physiotherapy courses start at £720.00


    Medical Assessments

    Full assessments of your overall health are available including blood tests, with different levels of examination available from ‘mini’ to ‘total’. 

    • Prices start at £250 for our Essential Medical Assessments
    • Two more extensive Medical Assessments are available 
      • Comprehensive Medical Assessment £TBC
      • Total Medical Assessment £TBC



    Whether it’s  standard childhood vaccines (chicken pox, whooping cough etc.), seasonal adult vaccinations like flu, or less common travel vaccines, we can administer these to you on site. 

    • Flu vaccines are priced at 
      • Flu vaccines (nasal drops) - Fluenz Tetra £30.00
      • Flu Vaccination (Under 65s) – Quadrivalent £15.00
      • Flu Vaccination (Over 65s) - Trivalent (Fluad) £15.00
    • A pneumonia vaccine costs
      • Pneumococcal (Kids) - Plevenar13 £70.00
      • Pneumococcal (65yrs) - Pneumovax23 £30.00



    We can assess your heart health in depth, whether via a standard ECG, longer-term holter examinations (from 24-72 hours), exercise tolerance tests or blood pressure monitoring. 

  • A single ECG test starts at £100.00
  • Our 24 hour blood pressure monitor costs £300.00

  • Covid-related services

    PCR, rapid antigen and antibody Covid tests are all available in our clinic when you need them. If you’ve previously been ill with the virus, we also offer assessments and blood tests to tackle any post-COVID conditions that you may have been left with.

    • Covid tests are available from:
    • PCR Swab £
    • Fit to fly £
    • Day 2 Day8 £
    • Virtus IRR Antibody test £180
    • A post Covid blood test costs £


    Mental Wellbeing

    In times of crisis, med24 can immediately provide help, whether it’s required online via a face-to-face session, as part of a longer-term 8-week plan, or through ongoing psychology.

  • Online Mental Wellbeing consultations are priced at £150.00
  • An 8 week course of Mental Wellbeing therapy costs £1,000.00


    Med24 can provide a full service to address any dietary issues you may be experiencing, from an initial assessment, through a suite of blood tests, and more protracted prevention and treatment plans to keep you well.

  • Our Nutritional Assessments cost £
  • Longer Nutritional Treatment Plans start at £


    When issues arise with your feet, these can be dealt with quickly and conveniently at our clinic or by a visiting appointment. We can carry out minor surgeries to address a host of different problems (with a local anaesthetic when required). We also offer various pain relieving treatments, bespoke insole creation and gait analysis. 

  • A Podiatry initial consultation costs £120.00 [TBC]
  • Injections for painful conditions start at £450.00 [TBC]


    When a condition requires imaging / scanning we can organise a number of different services, from PET/CT scans (whole body, brain etc) to MRI imaging, cardiac MRI, fluoroscopy, ultrasounds and standard X-rays.

  • A chest X-ray is priced at £90.00
  • Ultrasound pricing starts at £220.00
  • To make an appointment, please call us on +44 (0)20 3873 6322 between the hours of 8am and 11pm.

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