med24 services - Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy has developed greatly as a discipline in recent years, into a complex and sometimes misleading range of specialisms and niches offering conflicting advice. At (med)24, we have streamlined these disciplines into a programme of individually-tailored treatments and courses, overseen by our senior physiotherapist Victoria Reboredo and her network of specialists.

All of our care is offered under one roof, removing the delays and aggravation caused by referrals, multi-site treatment and lengthy admin. Different specialist assessments cover musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapy, strength and conditioning, respiratory, orthopaedics (pre- and post-operative), the temporomandibular joint (jaw), paediatrics, women’s and men’s health.

All are addressed using the latest technologies in our state-of-the-art facilities. Treatment programmes may utilise manual and exercise therapy, strength and conditioning, invasive techniques, taping, shockwave, electrostimulation, proprioception and education or any combination depending on the patient’s individual needs. Reboredo’s approach is based on tackling the root causes of a physical issue with a carefully balanced range of techniques, integrating them into their daily life and ensuring that any future treatment can thus be kept to a minimum. With skills honed over a decade working in clinics, hospitals, with the Royal Academy of Dance and as a lecturer in sports physiotherapy, Reboredo has built a physiotherapy programme at (med)24 which is streamlined, open, honest and effective, which focuses on you as a patient, and on getting you back to what you want to be doing.