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Best Private and Personal GP Appointment

The cornerstone of (med)24 is providing access to the best private GPs for consultations around the clock, whenever you feel unwell. Our team of GPs, based at our central London clinic, deliver primary care with excellence, whether in person or online via streamed video. By signing up for a Med24 Membership Health Plan, which offers access to a number of online and/or in-clinic consultations per year, or on a pay as you go basis, you will benefit from a private GP service that offers many benefits.

Firstly, our private, personal GPs are available 24/7, with little to no waiting time, and we have a choice of both male and female private GPs for you to select from if you wish. A (med)24 private GP appointment is also typically longer than an NHS one, allowing our doctors enough time to get to know you, as an individual, and build trust. These longer appointments also mean conditions can be fully explored, understood and managed, and allow for an assessment of your health as a whole rather than just focusing on the symptoms at the time.

We count our on-staff private GPs as some of the very best in London, and they care for every single patient with a comprehensive and continuous approach to their healthcare. That means establishing a relationship that’s beneficial to you, and over time, developing a detailed picture of your health, which helps them diagnose illnesses more accurately. Our private GPs will also keep track of any and all medications prescribed to you, and manage your medication regimen on an ongoing basis. Needless to say, integrated healthcare of this quality, which incorporates check-ups and testing can determine the risk level for any serious conditions and/or diagnose them at an earlier stage.

(med)24 offers an unrivalled, state of the art, patient-centric environment that only supports our GPs be the best private doctors in London. Our discreet clinic feels more like a five star hotel than a miserable hospital, so puts you at ease right away. Our testing, diagnostics and treatment facilities and equipment are also the very latest available, which means an efficient medical ‘one stop shop’ with fast test results, efficient follow ups and effortless referrals. The fees for our private GP consultations provide excellent value too.

Book your private GP appointment with one of the best private doctors in London today, at (med)24.