Private Health Check-up

Private Blood Tests and Health Check

At (med)24, we know how important it is to keep tabs on your health. Private health assessments and checks form an important part of our Membership health Plans, and are also available to our pay as you co customers.

Central to any private health check up is a comprehensive set of blood tests. The private blood tests  we perform at our central London clinic help allow our doctors to check for a wide range of diseases and conditions, but also give us an insight into how well your organs are functioning, and in some cases how well certain treatments, or medicines you might be receiving are working. More specifically, the blood tests we ask our members and patients to take part in, whether part of a more comprehensive private health check or not, help our medical team evaluate the performance of their hearts, kidneys, thyroids and livers, and diagnose conditions, or the risk factors for conditions such as cancer, HIV/AIDS, diabetes, anaemia, and coronary heart disease as just a few examples.

If you’re feeling unwell, or perhaps just have a persistent health complaint that makes you uncomfortable, a private health check that incorporates a thorough suite of blood tests may help get to the root of the matter, and at (med)24, our doctors can perform these tests onsite and without the usual wait for an appointment. The tests themselves are very straightforward and usually involve the minimum discomfort. A small sample of blood is taken quickly and easily in a private treatment room at our clinic and provided to the lab for analysis. The blood test results are effectively a measurement of the level of different substances in the blood, and these private checks can help detect health problems in their early stages, when proactive treatments or important lifestyle changes, which are less intrusive and intensive, may prevent conditions from development into something more serious.

Of course many diseases and medical problems can’t be diagnosed with blood tests alone, and our doctors often consider many other factors before confirming a diagnosis. These factors, which are often constituents of a broader private health check can include your symptoms, your medical history, your vital signs (blood pressure, breathing, pulse, and temperature), and results from other private tests and procedures. All of these health check assessments, and many more are available at (med)24.