Testing & Diagnostics

med24 Testing and diagnostics

At (med)24 we take pride in being able to employ an extensive range of on-site testing and diagnostic equipment to assess your health and investigate any symptoms you may have. Our focus on offering point of care testing procedures, means most day to day ailments can be tested for and diagnosed without having to send samples to a third party laboratory. We can deliver your test results in less time than most primary care providers, and everything from kidney function and cholesterol levels to viral and bacterial infections can be accurately and clinically appraised in-clinic.

By owning and controlling the end to end process, we have the flexibility to look at your health more holistically, exploring your general health each time you visit. In many cases, any blood samples your GP recommends can be taken immediately and examined during your consultation, with the results returned before the end of the appointment. Our on-site equipment enables us to comprehensively analyse blood (to monitor kidney function, salt levels, electrolytes, cholesterol, diabetes, blood count, anaemia, lipids and pregnancy-related issues), urine (to investigate urological infections, hydration levels, kidney heath, protein and glucose levels and leukocytes) and (via our Emerald 22 machine), nasal swabs (to check for flu, strep throat and respiratory syncytial virus/RSV).

Swift diagnoses mean we can plan the best course of action for you, and having near immediate, accurate test results allows us, for example, to avoid the use of unnecessary antibiotics, especially so-called ‘broad spectrum’ antibiotics, prescribed when the specific germ making you unwell has not been identified. Our commitment to the antimicrobial stewardship protocol helps ensure treatments are more targeted, resulting in less collateral damage to your body in the longer term, and helps us combat issues of antibiotic resistance.