Women's Health

Women’s Full Health Check

Ensuring our members enjoy the best possible health is our overriding aim at (med)24.  The route to this goal is through state-of-the-art preventative care as demonstrated by our women’s Full Health Check.  The level and extent of our health checks, including the Women’s Full Health Check, is market leading.  We ensure our members are given the best possible suite of checks and diagnostic tools making the Women’s Full Health Check the fastest, most efficient and effective way of catching problems early and dealing with them on a timely manner. 


The Women’s Full Health Check covers everything you would expect.  Our blood tests check for the functioning of all main organs, heart, kidneys, thyroid and liver.  These tests, alongside our ongoing monitoring of vital signs, provide a crucial insight into current, and future state of health of our patients or members. We want to be able to identify problems before the arise, recognising that many of our most pressing medical problems, such as diabetes and cholesterol, can be avoided through early intervention or simple lifestyle changes.


It is not just the science behind our Women’s Full Health Check that is ground-breaking, we also pride ourselves on the personal service and in-depth consultation that comes as part of the package.  We recognise that each patient is an individual so test results, or even the decision on which tests to take, must be tailored to their needs.  Our Women’s Full Health Check comes with a comprehensive follow up consultation so that our members can feel confident that they, as well the clinician, understands exactly what is going on with their health and what steps, if any, they should be taking to ensure they are enjoying the best possible health. 


As you would expect with a medical service that prides itself on providing a 24-hour service, we will do everything possible to ensure the Women’s Full Health Check is conducted at a time to suit our members.  Our clinic is open 24-hours a day meaning we have the greatest possible flexibility in appointment times be it to conduct tests or give people feedback.